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Medical Billing & Coding

We have been experts in this industry since 2008 and currently serve healthcare practitioners and medical practices of all sizes and specialties in over 40 states.

Contracting & Credentialing

Our team is 100% U.S. based and dedicated solely to Contracting & Provider Enrollment services that help you reduce back-office tasks and get in network faster.

Recruitment Services

Ann Grogan & Associates has been the national leader in specialized recruitment for 40 years and filled thousands of roles in Healthcare, Medical Sales, & B2B Sales.

Software Solutions

Our 12+ years of industry experience allowed us to develop the #1 Medical Billing Software for Medical Billing Companies - that's right, designed by a medical billing company with medical billers in mind.

Virtual Assistants

Expand your organization's capabilities and reduce back-office tasks by hiring low-cost Virtual Assistants and/or certified Virtual RN's trained in HIPAA compliance.

Consulting Services

We have helped hundreds of business partners in the healthcare space improve revenue bottom line and optimize workflow processes - we even help startups!

We have a passion for increasing the bottom line net profits to healthcare organizations through bridging technology & professional services.

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Working to increase bottom line revenue to healthcare oriented businesses nationwide

About us

Founded in 2008 by serial entrepreneur, Adam Nager, Quest Management Services is a collection of healthcare organizations that currently serve business leaders and physicians in over 40 states.

After growing his medical billing company to a multimillion dollar business, Adam expanded his portfolio by going on to acquire 5 other companies including Ann Grogan & Associates which has been an industry leader in specialized recruitment for the past four decades.

Our mission is to drive value and success within the organizations we serve. 

We accomplish this by introducing insightful solutions through innovative technology and services that allow our clients to focus on their business in an ever-changing market.


save money & resources

Save your team money and resources by optimizing your organization's efficiency.

reduce back-office tasks

Limit time spend on back-office tasks by outsourcing services that waste time.

focus on your business

Use the time and resources you save to focus on growing your healthcare organization.

Premiere medical billing & coding services

Stress less, practice more.

Quest National Services provides premiere medical billing services and software solutions to healthcare practitioners and medical practices of all sizes and specialties nationwide.

Quest National Services and Adam have been vital to the success of the Highland OBGYN practice. They were able to take on our account in a very quick manner & transition our practice from one software to another with little down time, ultimately saving our practice tens of thousands of dollars.
Mark lowney, ob/gyn

Cut Overhead Costs In Half With Certified Virtual Nurses

We can provide healthcare practitioners and medical practices of all sizes and specialties with Virtual Registered Nurses. These Virtual RN’s help you improve your workflow, spend more time with patients, and improve revenue bottom line by removing the burden of in-room EMR documentation and other back-office tasks. 

Credentialing & payer enrollment services

Get in network faster without hours of follow up.

We handle the complex tasks associated with payer enrollment and credentialing so that you can focus on what's important - your patients and your practice.

Our organization, HASA, has been working with ContractingProviders.com for several months now. I have never worked with a more kind, accommodating, transparent group of individuals. The communication has been consistency excellent.
olga p, Director of Clinical Services

Quest Ancillary Services

we're not your typical managed services provider (mso).

Whether you operate a solo practice or a large multi-specialty, multi-location practice, we can recommend a solution that will free up your on-site team, increase your revenue stream, and allow you to focus on what matters most – caring for your patients. 

national executive recruitment services

Find your next rockstar candidate today.

With Ann Grogan, the numbers are on your side. Our vast candidate pool allows us to search far and wide to find the perfect employee for your business. Our large team of experienced recruiting agents start as broad as possible based on your requirements and needs and begin the process of narrowing down the pool, ultimately landing on the most qualified candidate for your position.

I have a 20-year working relationship with the team at Ann Grogan & Associates. Their staff has always taken time to research all variables first to streamline the search process and produce a winning candidate.
Jeff f, director of national sales

The #1 Medical Billing Software for Medical Billing Companies

Utilize the ONLY medical billing software designed exclusively for medical billing companies. Take advantage of customized reporting and get immediate knowledge of rejected claims (saves a day of processing). Our online Provider Dashboard alone has helped thousands of practitioners increase cash flow!

the fastest & easiest way to start a medical billing company

There's no limit to how much you can make.


Learn how to start and grow your own profitable medical billing company with absolutely no previous experience.

New Companies Started

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